WebPage Credits... umm.. Oh yeah.. Those things. Lets start with my wife who built and is maintaining this webpage for me on her spare time. She has three jobs you see. Have to start there. Though she is teaching me a lot, this site simply could not exist without her skills, patience and dangling a bar of dark chocolate in front of her now and then.

Written work currently is all mine, no one else’s though occasional works are either co-written or use others characters. These items are clearly marked as such. If you find your character here and I have not given you credit please drop me a note by the comments e-mail. Be aware I only check that e-mail account once a week, but once I get your message I will ASAP the correction and send you a response.

Art. Throughout this site you will find art by various artists. This is all art I commissioned at one time or another. Although I have made every attempt possible to contact every artist, some have simply dropped off the Earth. Their work was commissioned specifically for my original web page or at some time they had given permission for it to be used. If you notice a piece by an artist who’s style you recognize and who’s name is listed below as ‘LOST’ please notify me of a way to contact them, or notify them how to contact me.

A couple of artists no longer have friendly relations with me. Their work will not be found here. One of these artists is a very promising talent, the other an excellent talent. Then there are the few who have not responded to my request for permission. Well, I HOPE I haven’t placed their work on these pages. I do hope to gain permission at some time in the future.

Therefore any work you see upon these pages I either own publishing rights too, created myself (in a rare few cases) or have permission to use. I have placed links to the web pages of those who have pages. I will happily give you contact information to those who do not have web pages should you ask. Please, in most cases these are struggling young artists. They work full time, a few are still in college. If you like their work please buy prints or commission work from them. Very few are breaking even and they all need all the work that they can handle.

You will note that the Gallery contains copies of every graphic file on this webpage plus other examples. They are in low quality format for one simple reason. People like Sibe. If you are an artist and want to draw your version of my characters, or a scene from one of my stories please fell free to do so. I retain all copyrights to my characters and work, but your work is all your own. If, for some odd reason you wish to share it with me and I feel it is not to sexually or violently graphic I’ll start a FANART section in the Gallery for everyone to see (You have now been warned!)

Artists (in no rhyme or reason) who's works appear in these pages as of May 31, 2006 C.E.

Mr. Scott Thomas of Kentucky

Mrs. Val Ryan of Canada

Ms. Elizabeth Chesterman of Virginia

Ms. Nina Nguyn of Canada

Mr. Benny S. Benevedo of the Philippines (LOST 1975)

Mr. Fredrick K.T. Andersson of Sweden

Mr. Robert Newell of Arizona (LOST 1998)

Ms. Chibie of ? (LOST 2005)

Mr. David R. Dorrycott (running like mad for the bomb shelter in Texas)

Mr. Douglas Winger of California (?)

Mr. Terency Owens of New York

Mr. David White of Arkansas

Miss Molly Megan of (?) (Lost 2003)