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Updated July 12, 2013 C.E.

Tink tink tink... Hello out there...

Hello all, its been um... a long time since I last came here to beg for assistance. That’s right, September 18, 2011 was the last posting on this page. Well the kids university loans are demanding payment and the medical costs to keep me alive (Sleep Apnea and Type 2 Diabetes) have destroyed our budget. So funds for hobbies such as this site are long gone. So I am asking, no bending down on one arthritic knee to beg for help to keep this site up (I am over sixty you know.)

I am not asking for much, after all we have managed to pay the site hosting fee this year without help and the Domain renewal today. But if you could see yourselves to giving us the cost of a soda, a value menu hamburger, a bus ticket across town. Well, anything would help.

To date every penny, dinar, shekel and farthing that has come in has gone directly to the support of this site. For a free site where you can see Mr. Andersson’s work, and read my scribbling, I honestly believe that a buck, half a pound, one thirty-sixth of a Euro isn’t that much to ask.


Mr. David R. Dorrycott


Mrs. Anna M.H. Dorrycott