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NOTICE: The FKTA Archives are artwork by Fredrik K. T. Andersson. He lives in Sweden, I live in San Antonio Texas, USA. I am not an artist, I do not draw, I am simply a writer so please do not ask about the art there. I am not permitted to release his address, either snail mail or e-mail. We simply support his art because he is a good friend, has no place else to post his art and I kinda enjoy his work, especially The Bard.


May 12, 2021

At long last my wife has finally gotten my books published on Amazon in both Kindle version and paperback. You can check out the titles on the Naorhy Book Shoppe, or just browse over to Amazon and look me up.

Available for purchase on Amazon:
It Isn't Possible

The Return of Bethany
Devil's Paw
Of the World of Ulella Nor
The Case of the Missing Secretaries

Nightmares are Not Always Dreams


Also available at the BookPatch:

In the Time of Oharu



August 06th, 2017


Again a long pause between updates, this is beginning to become normal I am afraid. Even more health issues, I turned 66 in July, you get old, you stop caring about things anymore. Plus we now have ComCast as our network provider, I need say no more.


I am trying to write again but it is difficult when ones wife drags one around every weekend with ‘projects’ then try to get back ‘in the writing mood’ afterwards. I’m trying, I really am and we just got back from Colorado again. Business trip, HER business trip. Very little pain this time.



The World of Ulella Nor Chapters; 47, 48, 49, 50



FKTA Gallery aka Fredrick K.T. Andersson’s work.



Sillmain Andreas

Trudvang Krysher Karl Oskar

Xavier Amblecrown Alexan

Estatic Furballs  

Felina as Bond Sketch

Pathfinder Liliana

A Blue Deer

Surprise This is a second look at the original unfinished Doug Winger art from the 90s. Doug is dead now, complications of smoking.


Circa 1974 USAF Yes this really happened and yes, at Clarke AFB in the early 1970's we were at best in two person teams with nothing but a S&W .38 revolver, a sometimes working 5 watt radio and a flashlamp, usually purchased from our own pocket because they almost never replaced the batteries in the issue ones unless your brought it back dead. No SWAT, no on-call black ops assault unit, zero real backup, just you and your partner with MAYBE a one man pick-um-up truck and a K-9 unit a few miles away, both in opposite directions.

And seriously, no fancy SWAT background music.

Doug Winger

Snowaters and Children The original, never completed Surprise.



Dorrycott Double page Banner When I was a kid hardbound SF books usually came with a fully illustrated in cover. So did murder mysteries, cowboy novels etc. So I commissioned my own in cover art!

The Return of Bethany Colored version of a bookcover. Buy the book!!!

It Isn’t Possible Colored version of a bookcover. Buy the book!!!

Case of the Missing Secretaries Bookcover Buy the book!!!


A Touch of Magic My little sister was born on Oct. 31st.

Ambush at Backyard Rock 1 of 3; Some base housing in Washington DC area in the 50's.

Apollo's Littlest Wingman She loved the space program, Apollo was landing.

Beginnings of a New Species Love knows no boundaries.

Cutting off loose Ends Ah Mrs. Hudson, where is Hound when you need him?

Kitchen Kittens 2 of 3; Moms sick, lets make her some brownies.

Reporting for Duty 1950s, Rocky Jones fan (Vena really) watching her favorite show.

Rust Bucket Challenge You know who, if not, what stump do you live under?

The Last Larp Not really a LARP, SCA started ten years early, then the rocks came.

UFO Space Command Naorhy Space Command tries a new design, the Admiral is not amused.

Valiant 3 of 3; Alternate History; Mom was an English fighter pilot, a good one.

X-Treme Surgery We have all been here.

Simon Barber


There was supposed to be an update November 03rd, 2016 however for some

Alien Invasion reason it never happened. Crap! Here is the data:

November 03rd, 2016 c.e.

This is again almost exactly a year since the last update, so mainly I have started working through the old stories correcting blatant errors, bad and clipped writing. What’s been going on, well August 10th I had another spinal surgery and dang, no more pain. The Doctor opened those nerve channels, removed two bone spurs that had implanted themselves into my spinal nerves and sent me home. No more smothering pain pills, no more dragging myself around wondering why I should care. I am now interested in writing again so I’ll be slowly adding to this boat anchor of a website, at least as often as I can finish things then get my wife to post for me. Hey, I don’t even know the password for this site! I just pay the bills and yes there are more medical bills. Getting old is, well, expensive.

In July Anna took me up to Keystone Colorado, she had a business meeting/convention/getaway up there so I had a free ride, this is pre-spinal operation so every bump or rumble in the road had me either gulping more pain pills or twisted in pain. Now Keystone is a fine place in July, quiet, so quiet you can hear the brook three hundred yards away, beautiful view though it was raining or overcast every night, never did get to see the stars. It’s only serious problem for us was, it is 9,173 feet in altitude, that is 2795.93 meters and San Antonio is only 650 feet, or 198.12 meters above sea level.

AIR! GIMME AIR Wheeeze....


I had difficulty getting around but very much enjoyed my four days up there, we ended up taking another week coming home, visited an old friend, Anna hit the train museums and rock shops, I just enjoyed the view. We did return to the Molly Kathleen mine, all the mountains are now being strip mined which is sad as Gold really doesn’t have that many uses when you take in the destruction strip mining causes. Had an interesting contest of words with the guide, he being a gold miner and my family being coal miners. He got into a ‘Gold can do this...” and I got into a ‘Coal can do this” (trying dying clothing with Gold, you only get one colour.) It started when he asked “Has anyone been here before” and I was the only one to raise my hand (Anna just smirked.) “I see, how long ago?” Thirty two years... If he’d had a mouthful of whisky there would have been a serious fuel-air explosion. I do recommend the visit just don’t make it the only reason you go to Colorado as there are some wonderful parks up there. I am hoping we can go back next year but we really melted the charge cards this time, still I’d be able to walk, enjoy the sights while Anna is busy at lectures. Maybe even chase a pretty waitress or two.

Fallout 4 wasted a month of my time overall, at least I know all the triggers now and how to get rid of things forever; ~ <click on item> disable Can’t get rid of that whiny settler? Now you can.

We also have a new roof on the house!

Okay, ratchetjawed enough, here’s what is new.


Corrected ALL of the ‘It’s a Rote World’ stories, I’ve improved somewhat over the last 4-6 years after all.



November 14th, 2015 c.e.

It has been almost exactly a year since the last update, look I’ve been ill, not in the hospital ill (though that happened last month) but ill. It has affected my ability to even care about writing, still during that time my wife put two of my books up on Amazons Kindle site; It Isn’t Possible and The Case of the Missing Secretaries. She is also re-editing The Return of Bethany to do the same thing, while updating the hard copy editions to match the Kindle versions. Gotta get all those you’s and yours to match right?

Seriously I’ve been running a low grade infection for a year now it turns out, nothing like an excessive four digit ambulance ride and fifty plus hour stay in a lousy hotel (Hospital beds are terrible and the food is worse) to find out what is wrong with you right?

What has happened since, we took all the published books off of the site, SPACEOPERA is gone, there simply wasn’t any interest in the open world project. We have returned some stories to the site but all of Mr. Andersson’s adult art is gone at his request, I do not know if it will ever come back. I have completed three more chapters of the Nor story and am now working on other material. I’m well, at least as well as any sixty-four year old can be so I am working again.

Best to you all



Of the World of Ulella Nor           Chapters            44, 45, 46